the speak-easy

Not unlike my life the process of commencing this blog has been a journey-scary- intimidating  yet necessary. Heck you can’t get there until you take that first step. So here I am – exposed with warts and all – giving you what I can and taking what you have to offer.

I have started  in 3 cities 2 different states under 2 domain names not certain as to its focus or frankly what is it I wanted to share.  I migrated from animals to humans trying to determine where my passion lay and where, if at all, I could have the most impact for both myself as well as others. To say the least I was just a tad confused.


For those who know me this is & was not surprising. You see the confusion comes from…. well where I am at in my life- having gone through many a transformational experience- some good- some not so good and most still experiencing.

I began with Postcards From a Semi-Mad Woman, a title lovingly provided by my husband, and appropriately received. You see my life , as I am certain yours as well, created dynamics that  has provided me a personality & perspective with a healthy dose of quirks, lucidity, dysfunction and knowledge. So I am not completely mad nor irreparably sane- I am a confluence or better yet an amalgamation of the good, the bad & the ugly.

Then during one of my James Joycian, steam of consciousness head jerks I simultaneously came up with “It’s Now Girl” – a call to action- honestly more for myself than for you- because although the semi mad woman had a lot to offer – she was stuck in fear and could not free herself from those constraints. Its now Girl requires me to act- pushes me forward- as I hope it does for you as well.

One thing I was clear about is that I desired to generate and participate in a dialogue….. a conversation about ideas and solutions that is woman – centric, covering all matters and issues of concern to us, as woman, from our perspective. Yes, I will from time to time share with you my goings on, although this is not about me but us.

Without sounding condescending or intellectually superior I am meagerly confident that my life experience as intriguing, beautiful & painful as its’ been can provide insight  to others.

Postcards From a Semi-Mad Woman & Its Now Girl are merged.  This fits me to a tee and represents my inexperience in the world of blogging.  I will look back on this and laugh I am sure.  For now I am sweating bullets.

Questions?  I’m ready to answer. Conversations I am ready to engage in- advice I can & desire to provide. It’s now girl – let’s go!


6 thoughts on “the speak-easy

  1. Congratulations on your blog! I am one who wants to not live my life so serious, I thrive on being able to move and adapt. I’m a restless soul that wants to take in a little bit of all I can before it’s all over. Do I get depressed? Heck yeah, but I’m going to pack up that and take it with me and cast it to the wind as I go. It’s now girl is a great playground, sandbox, etc.. A place to go to have fun, get deep into it, or a place to roar with laughter! I’m on board, let this ship sail!


  2. I’m in a relationship with a very opinionated man. He knows everything about everything! He’s rude, self centered and he doesn’t even get it when I point it out. I’m at the point of moving out and moving on. My problem is I know he’s in love with me, I hate to hurt him by saying it’s over. What should I do. I can’t live with a control freak!


    • Sorry I did not reply to you sooner. Thank you for visiting my Blog and leaving such a nice comment!

      I notice you have a Blog. We should start a discussion on your fat loss secrets and have a link to your Blog so we can share ideas!

      Look forward to hearing from you.



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