Its now girl let this ship sail!

Linda says Congratulations on your blog! I am one who wants to not live my life so serious, I thrive on being able to move and adapt. I’m a restless soul that wants to take in a little bit of all I can before it’s all over. Do I get depressed? Heck yeah, but I’m going to pack up that and take it with me and cast it to the wind as I go. It’s now girl is a great playground, sandbox, etc.. A place to go to have fun, get deep into it, or a place to roar with laughter! I’m on board, let this ship sail!

You are so right Linda!  I want this blog to be a fun & informative – a playground, if you will, where women can come ask questions and comment on issues that affect us.  On this site there is no wrong question to ask nor topic to touch on. It is simply a virtual coffee house where women can network & discuss all topics of interest that are affecting, either positively or negatively, their lives.

From relationships to crafting to great recipes to share hair and makeup tips or questions.  Anything and everything you can think of that we women enjoy  and desire to address as well as discuss.

Linda you sound like a woman who knows what she wants with her life and goes for it.  That plus a bit of gypsy blood gives you your zest for life.  We could all learn a bit from your philosophy.

Lets travel through life, together  even if we are just traveling to the corner grocery store.   Its all in your attitude.

You are the poster girl for this blog Linda.  The type of woman that epitomizes “Its now girls” goal. Fun, facts and at times frivolity.  Thank you for coming on board!

Keep me posted.

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