Left my pain at home!

Turn around, I forgot to pack my pain I tell my husband as we start on our much needed and necessary mini vaca to Williamsburg. Can you imagine having the option of forgetting your pain at home? So I did! I left it. How liberating. The drive was beautiful. Trees in all their late summer glory. No children, well no dogs as Harlow and Chaplin are my fur babies. We left them with the relatives. I cried. For a nanosecond until Jeff reminded me dogs have no concept of time and when we get back, to them, it will be like we just left.

I love road trips. It doesn’t matter how far or how long you are to be away. Staying in a hotel, eating out, I love it all.

This trip was pleasure and necessity. My six month check up on my knee replacement. I must remember I left the ache at home. I can tell the doctor how it felt and explain why I didn’t bring it with me when I see him. He will prescribe more physical therapy and possibly another surgery to go in and loosen the knee so I have full mobility. I will smile, but not cry as I normally do because I left the pain at home.

I must also visit my pain management doctor as finding a replacement who treats pain with the same protocol and takes my insurance has been a nightmare in New Jersey. What to say when he asks what my pain level is today on a scale from 1 to 10, sorry doc can I call it in later I forgot to pack my pain.

Since we will be in Williamsburg I must go shopping at my favorite boutique. I always buy one piece. Even if its a hair band. A party pretty a friend of mine called it. Something to make you happy for a minute. Since I am pain free I will so enjoy the visit. I may actually try clothes on. With no pain along it will be a joy to try on clothes and spin to show Jeff how good I look and feel.

There are a few people I must say hello to so we will go to our favorite watering hole and throw back a few, eat some food that is bad for me. It will be so nice to enjoy sitting at the bar on a stool pain free.

I am so excited to be going, to be on the road. Sometimes it pays to forget to pack something, especially something you can’t buy when you get there!




I am talking crazy here.  Since my last post  I have relocated from my beloved Manhattan to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  All within a week mind you!

As we look for a place to live I sit here with a back brace on.  Can you say corset!  My back has been so bad I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  So I have been crying.  My husband Jeff’s good friend has been letting us stay in his condo on the ocean.  Beautiful, relaxing and recuperative.

This girl is still here ready to go now that she can sit for semi-extended periods of time.

Let me start the conversation today.  What has worked (no surgery please) for your back pain?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated and put up for discussion.

Let’s go girl!