whats up with the weather?

Anyone have the answer to this?  It is crazy out there.  I remember, as a child, there were four distinct seasons; summer, fall, winter and spring.  Where did they go?  Now we have hot, hotter, hottest, cold, colder, coldest.  Now I don’t really want to get political here but if I must.  Climate change.  This seems to me to be the elephant on the page.  Speaking of elephants, please sign the petition on Change.org regarding the treatment of elephants by the Ringling Brothers Circus.  If you are an animal lover and protector like me your head will spin too.  But wait, what do elephants have to do with weather?  A lot my friend.  Elephants or an incarnation thereof have survived many natural climate changes intact.  Their secret? Adapt and leave no carbon footprint other than your bones. This crazy weather is due in part, I believe, to natural climate change that our planet goes thru every millennia or so. What is going on now is that with a little help from earths most selfish inhabitant, us, it has sped up a bit.  A bit is all it takes to throw the delicate balance of this planet that we are in charge of off.  Naysayers, nay.  How can you look out the window if you live on the east coast this morning where in some locations it is negative some huge number while I can look out the window at sunshine, throw my flip flops on and run out the door knowing that in four months it will be so incredibly hot here that my flip flops will melt to the sidewalk and my dogs will have to wear shoes to protect their paws.  I don’t have the answer to stopping climate change but I do have a few common sense ideas.  Recycle, go green, stop fracking and just plain refall in love with this beautiful blue planet that we live on called Earth.

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