Picking a Theme

I spent pretty much all weekend picking a theme, exporting, importing and emailing for help.  I must be computer illiterate but I found, and am still finding, this whole process daunting to say the least.

Exporting my domains, its now girl and postcards from a semi-mad woman, from where they were (don’t ask) and importing to WordPress was relatively easy.  With the help of Lizthefair I got through this unscathed.  On to mapping my domain (don’t ask) after an hour of staring at the map domain page I had “postcards” in the que.  Whether to hit purchase or wait, well I still have my finger on the trigger.  Poor Lizthefair.

I thought to myself move on, leave this mapping thing for a while, pick a theme.  I picked “Blogy”.  I purchased this theme as I thought it looked to be an easy beginner blog site.  It may be.  I have yet to figure out why when I look at it I see pretty panels and color and a header of bubble looking things.  When I leave and go to my site it is solid coral with just my writing. Blah.

Yes I’m mad.  Mad at myself for being such a dumbass that I can’t set up what is supposed to be an easy blog site.  Mad at myself for spending this much time on it.  Mad that after spending this much time on it I am still only one quarter of the way to where I want to be.  Is this the fun part of blogging?  So far for me it is not.

I hope my fellow BloggingU bloggers had more fun and were more successful at finding their theme.  For me I am waiting for another email from Lizthefair and one from the developers of Blogy.

I’m getting ready to have a cocktail it is finally 5:00pm, watch some football and close this laptop down until tomorrow.

Hugs, Marlene

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