Procedure Day or why they say changing our mind is a woman’s prerogative

Its procedure day. I arrived at Strimling Dermatology, Laser & Vein Institute here in Las Vegas at 10:00 am with a few more questions for Dawnelle my Licensed Aesthetician & Laser Specialist.  My pre-procedure research had produced a slight hiccup in my initial plan of the Ultherapy procedure.

I am in the process of a 30lb weight loss program and Ultherapy works best when you are within 10lbs of your goal. Uh oh.  After discussing this with Dawnelle we decided to reverse my initial plan of attack in my fight against the ravages of time on my much loved (by me) face.

Instead of Ultherapy then Fractional Resurfacing we reversed the course of action.  Fractional resurfacing it was.

Fractional Resurfacing (Fraxel) is a quick, not so comfortable, laser procedure with about a week of down time.  This procedure is used for improving the overall appearance of your skin.  Fraxel uses a tiny laser beam to treat thousands of pinpoint areas of your skin.  The skin’s wound healing response creates new collagen which adds firmness and resilience to the skin.  Done in conjunction with Phototherapy, which addresses brown spots and spider veins, your skin looks like new.image

After taking the Valium that Dawnelle provided we got down to business.  Step one, a numbing cream to lessen the burning sensation. Next I was provided with safety shields for my eyes.  Dawnelle then took the laser hand piece and positioned it on my skin.  When the laser energy was applied, I heard a rapid succession of snapping sounds as she moved the laser around the treatment area.

Dawnelle is proficient at what she does and a perfectionist at heart.  She wants to get the full effect while making sure  you are comfortable.  We found I tolerated faster movement with the Laser set between 75 and 100, 150 is the maximum setting.  As I stated previously, this is not the most comfortable of procedures especially since you are awake.  It felt, to me, like a sewing machine was sewing my face with a hot needle.  Tolerable but not pleasant.  Immediately after the 45 minutes it took to finish I felt a burning sensation.  A fan was offered but I did not find it necessary.

Over the next few days my skin will look like I have been burned in the sun. I was given  Aquaphor healing ointment for this stage.  Some swelling is also to be expected.  My skin will start to peel in approximately 3-4 days at which time I switch to a healing restorative cream.

I will notice a general tightening effect during the healing process and will have full results in 4 to 6 months following treatment.

Fraxel is used once a year to ward off the signs of aging.  This treatment will most like likely diminish or completely negate the need for Retin-A. In conjunction with my upcoming Botox, and Filler treatment in 2 weeks, followed by my  Ultherapy procedure in a few months I think I have found the secret that those in the know, who look decades younger, use.

The discomfort was bearable.  As I had a chemical peel years ago, which was much more painful, I know the results I can expect.  For someone like me who does not want to look her age and does not want to go under the knife, I think I have found my own personal “Fountain of Youth”.

I will publish  photos of my transformation over the next few days so we can go thru this together. I will be your personal guinea pig as you decide if laser therapy is for you.

Postscript: this is in no way, shape or form a paid advertisement for any of these procedures. This is one woman, who is more than semi-madly obsessed with the aging process’ personal journey.

One thought on “Procedure Day or why they say changing our mind is a woman’s prerogative

  1. You are semi-mad, but that’s why we get along so well. Semi-mad loves company! I can’t wait to see the results. I need my eye lids lifted first. I think I would try this. Thanks for sharing all the information on your blog. Be sure and show the peeling process.


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