Blogging 201 Three Goals

This is actually an easy assignment for me as it feels like a natural progression from Blogging 101. Following are my top three:

1.  Get down with widgets and links

2.  Once I get down with widgets, I want to add a “Fun Fact Friday” widget to my sidebar

3.  Start seeing a regular increase in Followers at least a 10% increase bi-weekly

Those  are my top three goals. There is so much more I would like to see happen with my blog.

I want Postcards to be entertaining.  I want readers to look forward to what I am going to discuss next.  I want to have a widget with a quote that relates to the post.

Publication Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I have been doing some soul searching on my blog content and branding and am excited about becoming consistent with an actual theme to my blog.  Blogging 101 really got me started on the thought process.  Now is the time to start implementing and improving.

I look forward to continued reading of the blogs I started following in 101 and making new friends here in 201.



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