If there be no remedy, why worry? This is an old Spanish Proverb.  If it can’t be fixed, maybe it’s not broke. I am the worry queen. I truly do “make worry” like baking a pie I mix all the bothersome thoughts and what do you know a worry pops up.  My shrink told me I worry about a lot of things. I wanted to say “new clue Sherlock.” I mindfully think about worry in the now. It is true if I think about right now there is nothing to worry about. Happy, happy, joy, joy.



3 thoughts on “#IfThereBeNoRemedyWhyWorry?

    • Exactly! I had forgotten that one. That would have been a great last sentence. It was so strange that you posted about your upcoming move. I had been working on a draft I wrote last June after moving 2 times in one year after being in the same place for ten years. At that time I was in the throes of my post knee replacement depression and my PTSD was in overdrive. It needs more work trying to tighten it up. You will know it when you see it lol.


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