How many women have ever looked at a man in amazement as he is staring you in the eye  lying. I am talking stupid lies. “No honey I have not had a drink.”  Meanwhile he is slurring and smells like a brewery. How stupid do you think I am?  If you try to reason with him an inane argument erupts.  Somehow it ends up to where it is your fault. What the fuck.  Seriously, there  is nothing more irritating than a man lying. I have not met one who did not need lying lessons.  So ladies here is some sage advice from my husbands mother; nod and smile. You can think anything as you nod and you will avoid an argument about the stupid lie he is trying to sell as you smile.   



6 thoughts on “#MenLieBadly

  1. Yes, yes, yes! Early on I would feel so vindicated to prove to him that I caught him in a lie only to have him turn the tables on me as soon as we was caught and call me a controlling bitch that had emasculated him.


    • You will never win. The old saying the best defense is a good offense holds true. I have found it best (I too have caught a man lying and next thing I knew it was all my fault) to follow the “nod and smile” advise because what good is it going to do to press the issue except to escalate a situation that can be calmed by a smile😉. Thank you so much for sharing!

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