What would you call those times when you are depressed for an hour, maybe two? I think for my research purposes “fractional depression” fits the bill.  An hour or two of sadness, a fraction of a day.  You are at the “yes” point on your meds and with your therapist, where you feel normal more often than not.  It is a reality you can live with.  Like renting vs owning.  We are learning to be in charge of how we feel, how much depression we allow.  We can change our frame of mind at any time.  Mindfulness Thinking anyone?

4 thoughts on “#FractionalDepression

  1. My own depression is largely situational and can be triggered by a shift in light or a specific song. Sometimes it’s the wistful mist of melancholy and sometimes it’s the soul-crush that demands vigorous action to counter it. In either case, it is not the chronic depression that is suffered by so many people today.

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  2. I think sometimes and I do mean sometimes we are happy as are minds are made up to be. But extenuating circumstances cause sorrow that’s out of our control. It’s been said it’s all how we handle life’s downfalls and disappointments and I suppose that has some credibility. If we wallow in sadness for any length of time it’s gonna be hard to crawl out. But what if it continues to haunts us? I suppose that’s when we need help. We gotta remember everybody has sad moments and they do pass. Sometimes we should be sad for crying out loud. And of course we all deserve some happiness. It’s just about finding that even keel.

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    • Thank you so much for commenting. Absolutely swimsonemile! That elusive even keel. I was talking to some friends who have fought depression and we were discussing those weird times when you feel depressed for what seems a minute then you go back to feeling fine. I said yes it’s for just a fraction of the day. They loved the term said it gave them something to call it. I thought if they felt it gave a name to a feeling I would share it here and see what others with depression thought.


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