Press Publish outdid themselves! The Phoenix Conference was blog heaven. Well worth the price of admission.  

Starting Friday afternoon with the meet and greet at the Clarendon Hotel we were introduced to the ever helpful “Happiness Engineers” patient to the bone, every blue shirt you encountered was there to help and make you feel comfortable.  The meet and greet ended promptly at 7:00 which was to be a recurring theme, timeliness.

 The event was held at the Heard Museum a mere minutes from the Clarendon, I was impressed by the beauty and layout of the venue.  Upon arrival we were directed to a breakfast layout extraordinaire.  Another theme which was to be consistent.  The food and drink which were readily available all day.

 The introduction started at 8:50 and the entire day ran like clockwork.  Each speaker was alloted between 15 and 30 minutes with a Q & A after each. Everywhere you turned Happiness Engineers in their blue shirts were there and more than willing to help.  Every speaker was well prepared bringing their own blend of wit and experience to the stage and the audience was appreciative of all.

I spent much time at the “Happiness Bar” which was just that without alcohol.  The ever helpful blue shirts sat at tables in shifts and helped with anything and everything you could ask.  I can now proudly add a link! I know Blogging U101, what can I say I am techno-challenged.  One of my goals for this conference was to make sure my theme looked right for my blog content and to understand that which until yesterday had been beyond my comprehension.  This and more was achieved at the Happiness Bar.

Lunch was served buffet style and laid out under umbrellaed tables on the lawn, lovely.  Nothing had been overlooked to the point of “labelled” tables ie social media, crafts, photography so even the shyest of attendees could find a table with likeminded bloggers and have something to talk about over lunch.

The conference ended with closing statements and comments at 5:00.  Like clockwork this day wound down.  I for one with be back next year and the year after.  The commraderie, knolwledge, and new friends made for happy memories of Press Publish Phoenix 2015.  Thank you Press Publish and all involved for what I hope will become a yearly event for the WordPress Community.        


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