Enjoying the afterglow from the conference I was thinking how perfect it had all been. Being who I am there had to be a hiccup or my journey would not have been complete.

I had just finished breakfast with Trina, one of my new friends from the convention. She suggested we go to the front of the hotel and take pictures. Great idea, or so I thought.

After Trina took a few depressing shots of me you know the photos you look at and scream inwardly “I do not look like that!” It was my turn to return the favor. 

She handed me her phone to use for the shots, I proceeded to take a picture when I realized I needed to back up a bit. Then the fun began. Don’t ask how, next thing I knew  I was unceremoniously heading down. Concrete and rocks racing toward me. I braced for a direct blow with the sidewalk not seeing the cactus growing all around.

It felt like time slowed during my fall.  The cactus I had taken with me on the way down decided to leave me with a present for my way back up. The infamous Glochids.  I had never heard of them before but I will not forget.

I landed, hand bleeding, hurting from the off kilter cartwheel which I seemed to fall into. Then the tears start. At this point from sheer humiliation. 

I was scared as I have had surgery on both hands and a new knee that just turned a year old. My mind was trying to do a mental check on these rather tenuous body parts. Sore and sprained I sat sobbing while Trina ran to get help. Finally ice came along with an emergency kit that, thankfully, included tweezers.

Trina helped me remove the obvious Glochids from hands and feet. At this point I am still on the ground.  I moved to get up when I realized I was covered in little insidious Glochids. Each step was painful, they were everywhere.

It seems those who have lived in the Southwest for a period of time are familiar with the cactus’ best defense and have different methods of removal.  Trina suggested I shower and take a credit card to scrape the Glochids away.  I followed her advice which seemed to get rid of most.

The rest of the afternoon was spent finding Glochids. I would feel one between my toes, or sit and have to stand right back up to go remove the stray Glochid from my ass. I had to throw my pants away, they were covered in the monstrous little bastards.

I survived my introduction to one of the southwests best kept secrets, made my flight home and so far today have only found two of the little suckers.  

Sprained and sore I sit reminiscing about the conference all fabulous until my unforgettable exit from the party.



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