The abortion rights issue was once again front and center as the GOP held up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General until anti-abortion verbiage could be included in the Human Trafficking Bill.

It chaffs my ass that the confirmation of the first African American woman to hold the office of Attorney General was held up for anti-abortion measures in a Human Trafficking Bill.  This is a dichotomy as well as antihetical to the intellectual integrity of the bill itself. 

Let’s distill this incongruency down to its legitimate core, lets personalize it- if it were your sister, your daughter, your mother or friend who had been forced into sexual slavery eventually rescued and along with physical and emotional trauma – suffered the indignity of having become pregnant as a result of her captivity.  What would be your thoughts and beliefs then?  I believe that most of us, rather than politicize the policy, would come to the understanding that abortion services should be made readily available to these women at their choice.

The language was included clearing the way for Ms. Lynchs’ confirmation.  Tuesday’s deal allowed all sides to claim victory: Republicans for ensuring money for medical procedures is subject to the existing abortion restriction, the “Hyde Amendment,” and Democrats for establishing that the Hyde restriction isn’t expanded to new money sources.  Tuesday’s agreement provides survivors of human trafficking with immediate access to needed health care services.

It  is unfortunate that abortion was once again politisized holding hostage the confirmation of a United States Attorney General as well as the safety and well being of Human Trafficking survivors.  I know it’s politics but it is obsurd.

Human Trafficking and a woman’s right to choose are not a Republican or a Democratic issue. They certainly are not issues that should have held up Loretta Lynchs’ confirmation.  They are global issues and at its core….personal issues.


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