I want to take today’s blog and thank everyone who stops by my site, those who like it, those who don’t and those who share comments with me. 

When I started Postcards I wanted it to be as interactive as possible.  I am learning, with your help, how to achieve that. 

I have dabbled with long and short posts. I have settled, for now, on shorter to the point posts that call for comment. 

I have also been testing what days seem best for you as a reader. I have decided I will be a weekend blog. That way I can spend Mon-Thurs writing and editing for a three day run.  Of course that could change too,  I am prone to indecisive action

I am blessed and excited to be going to Phoenix this Friday for the WP Conference.  If anyone reading this is going please let me know, I would so enjoy meeting!

Without WordPress I would not have discovered what a wonderful outlet blogging can be. There is so much I want to learn to make my site one you will want to continue visiting.

As it is Sunday, that means Funday.  Let’s try to make at least one happy memory today! 




What would you call those times when you are depressed for an hour, maybe two? I think for my research purposes “fractional depression” fits the bill.  An hour or two of sadness, a fraction of a day.  You are at the “yes” point on your meds and with your therapist, where you feel normal more often than not.  It is a reality you can live with.  Like renting vs owning.  We are learning to be in charge of how we feel, how much depression we allow.  We can change our frame of mind at any time.  Mindfulness Thinking anyone?


How many women have ever looked at a man in amazement as he is staring you in the eye  lying. I am talking stupid lies. “No honey I have not had a drink.”  Meanwhile he is slurring and smells like a brewery. How stupid do you think I am?  If you try to reason with him an inane argument erupts.  Somehow it ends up to where it is your fault. What the fuck.  Seriously, there  is nothing more irritating than a man lying. I have not met one who did not need lying lessons.  So ladies here is some sage advice from my husbands mother; nod and smile. You can think anything as you nod and you will avoid an argument about the stupid lie he is trying to sell as you smile.   




If there be no remedy, why worry? This is an old Spanish Proverb.  If it can’t be fixed, maybe it’s not broke. I am the worry queen. I truly do “make worry” like baking a pie I mix all the bothersome thoughts and what do you know a worry pops up.  My shrink told me I worry about a lot of things. I wanted to say “new clue Sherlock.” I mindfully think about worry in the now. It is true if I think about right now there is nothing to worry about. Happy, happy, joy, joy.





Yesterday I had my Gallbladder removed… I was unnecessarily worried.  The Gallbladder is, in short, a bile vial. Mine was broken.  Now it’s gone. I fretted for 2 weeks about the surgery. Ridiculous. There are enjoyable aspects of surgery like the 10 seconds of bliss from sedation before being unceremoniously woken.  The worst part is laying naked, with an IV hanging out of your arm, waiting, worried.  I was so worked up they had trouble getting me under,  seriously.  I was worried I would not wake up.  I should have remembered what Mahatma Gandhi said ” There is nothing that wastes the body like worry, and one who has any faith should be ashamed to worry about anything whatsoever.” How true is that?  Here I am the next day sharing my wasted day of worry with you.