I rescued a male Chinese Crested Powderpuff last March, my first male dog. I am a fur baby momma, no human children. I have always had female dogs, Harlow my 5lb Chihuahua is a dream dog, pee-pad friendly, never misses the mark. 

Along comes Chaplin. Nickname “Dennis the Menace”. He is all boy and won my heart immediately with the hug he gave me when first I picked him up. Love at first sight. He came home with me that day. My first son!

Now to my conundrum, Chaplin knows to “potty” outside. Harlow decides for herself if she wants to go out or sleep in and use her pad. I understand how that could be a little confusing for Chaplin. He is so sweet and tries hard to mimic his “big” sister most notably If he can’t wake me up for an emergency walk.  Hence the problem.  

Little boys tend to miss the mark so to speak.  He hits the pee-pad for the most part but as with all men as the stream slows the mark is harder to hit. As I was blotting my little mans miss this morning I noticed something on the “people” potty that made me smile. Big human boys tend to miss the mark too!

So although I do not have human boys to compare in my little observation, I do have a husband. I am pretty sure that boys big and small, animals and human alike have the same rather annoying habit.  Missing the mark when it comes to using the potty.

I know this seems off topic for me but having to clean up “misses” first thing in the morning can be rather depressing.  Maybe I’m not as off topic as I thought –  It is a different kind of depressing I will admit.  More fractional, you know that short time you feel sad.  I mean who wants to wipe up pee first thing in the morning?  As I say to my husband “it geeks me out.”  

What is the answer to this urinary problem?  I have no idea.  Tell my husband to slow down, reprimand him when he misses? Wait that would be Chaplin.  Oh my I really am confused, I love my boys.

Alas, I guess like the age old “put the toilet seat down” argument all couples seem to have at some point in their relationship, my missed mark issue will have to go in the “a woman’s work is never done” file.  




I want to take today’s blog and thank everyone who stops by my site, those who like it, those who don’t and those who share comments with me. 

When I started Postcards I wanted it to be as interactive as possible.  I am learning, with your help, how to achieve that. 

I have dabbled with long and short posts. I have settled, for now, on shorter to the point posts that call for comment. 

I have also been testing what days seem best for you as a reader. I have decided I will be a weekend blog. That way I can spend Mon-Thurs writing and editing for a three day run.  Of course that could change too,  I am prone to indecisive action

I am blessed and excited to be going to Phoenix this Friday for the WP Conference.  If anyone reading this is going please let me know, I would so enjoy meeting!

Without WordPress I would not have discovered what a wonderful outlet blogging can be. There is so much I want to learn to make my site one you will want to continue visiting.

As it is Sunday, that means Funday.  Let’s try to make at least one happy memory today! 



Out Of My Head

As much time as my dis-ease of the mind takes, I have found the time to do something to help myself while helping others.  I have gotten into activism. The possibilities to help are endless.

I do not remember when I first started to feel compelled to sign petitions, send emails and call my representatives.  It just happened.  Then it snowballed. Today I signed 15 petitions.  I received the results of 4 petitions I signed.  It was a busy day.

My signature, and the signatures of my like-minded activists, caused Ringling Brothers to announce they will phase elephants out of their shows by the year 2018, saved 2 bears in Sochi, shut down a roadside petting zoo and helped keep a herd of wild Mustang in Nevada free.

That was one day.  Not bad for a woman who some days needs to find a reason to get out of bed.

Seeing that my signature helped a cause to be successful makes me feel like I matter. It is a small thing I know; but I did it.  I got up, dressed, went online and accomplished something.

My Facebook friends have been known to say that “Marlene’s day is perfect if all the children are fed, animals safe and someone is pissed off by her political views”.  That may be true.  It is also a day that Marlene is not depressed.

The hours I spend focusing on something other than me are hours I am lost to myself.  I am concentrating on others.  I was struck by how satisfying this is.  Helping implement change for others gets me out of my head and changes my mindset, for the good.

If, like me, there are times you forget what it is like to feel anything but bad you may find yourself smile for the first time that day.  Smiling is a good thing, feeling happy releases feel good endorphins.  If you are smiling you have dimmed the light on your problems in that moment.

Getting involved is a strange thing.  You don’t feel so alone.  There are many people who have interests similar to yours.  Finding them is the fun!  Start with a site like “Take Part”.  There are endless pledges you can take and petitions to sign.   Tracking results to see how you have made an impact through their interactive Dashboard is icing on the depression free cake.

You may suffer from depression but it does not define you.  You are a complex, interesting person with diverse interests and you can make a difference.  You have to get out of your head to do it.

Enhancing your life by helping others.  Who would have thought?